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Wolfi's Bike Shop

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Dubai is one of the most progressive and growing of the emirates in the UAE (United Arab Emirates), and Wolfi’s Bike Shop is keeping pace with the burgeoning cycling community. Located on the renowned Sheikh Zayed Road, and with a showroom space of 3500 square feet, here is where you will find Everything for Bikes! The Dubai shop was established in 2002, though the company has been in the bike business since 1989. In the Dubai Showroom there are 18 dedicated enthusiasts waiting to help you. The first Wolfi’s Bike Shop is located in Heitersheim, close to Freiburg im Breisgau in the beautiful Black Forest area of Southwest Germany. This is one of the sunniest and nicest areas for cycling as France, Switzerland and Germany intersect here. Wolfi’s Bike Shop Heitersheim Germany has a strong team of 9 dedicated staff and is managed by Detlef Hoelig (who lives and breathes cycling) in the same spirit as everyone at WBS Dubai. Wolfi oversees the Heitersheim shop remotely but Dubai is his passion and here is where you’ll find him.

We are the “Middle East Cycling Candy Store” and we strongly believe in the brands and products we have carefully chosen to carry. We calculated the total cycling experience available through our staff here, and came up with the astonishing result that between all of us, there is over 100 years worth of cycling knowledge available to you. This makes it easy for you. You don’t have to research, surf the net, or wade through old magazines – we have done it all for you! We’ve already said “No” to many suppliers of bikes and accessories; too unreliable, too heavy, badly designed, or second rate. What you will find here are some of the world’s leading cycling brands and products. Therefore we are an easy place to shop for great cycling gear.

Dubai Roadsters Along with our great products and services, we are one of the only shops in the Middle East region that is actively involved in growing and supporting the cycling fraternity. We do this mainly through our patronage of the Dubai Roadsters cycling club, which holds three regular weekly rides that attract upwards of 150 riders for each ride.

We are here to provide all the help and support that enthusiastic cyclists want and need. Whether you are competing on the road or in triathlons, bouncing on mountain trails, free-styling on your BMX, or cruising for fun with your family – Wolfi’s is the place.

Come in and take a look through our showroom. Have a coffee. Ask any of our knowledgeable staff about the rides, bikes, bits, or anything cycling.

We look forward to welcoming you the next time you visit us.
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