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Simpson's Sports

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The Location won't go into the MTBR locator so here is the google map link: http://maps.google.com/maps?um=1&tab=wl&hl=en&q=Simpson%27s%20Sports%20Tyler%20Texas

It's a great store with more than just bikes. They carry Treks and Gary Fisher bikes. Tyler Simpson is a real nice guy and can answer any of your questions. They also occasionly do ride days out at Tyler State Park so you can really demo their rides.
They have a "test track" out behind the store (jeep trail) which is better than spinning around a parkinglot somewhere.
Tyler Simpson will work with you as well, I orderd the wrong Yakima rack mounts for my Truck and we arranged a swap plus some cash so I could get the correct mounts.
They do good work, sell good bikes, and have great service- Check 'em out.
903 561 4810
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Open 9-5 during the week, closed on Sunday
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Gary Fisher,Trek,other
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